This solar system is similar to our own, says NASA



I’m a big fan of NASA and space discoveries, and so that’s why I take the time to go online and find out if they’ve announced any groundbreaking finds. Recently, I came across this article from The Independent, according to which the organization has found a solar system that is extremely similar to our own.

The similarities don’t pertain to the way the planets are organized inside the system or any other details of this sort, however. They mostly refer to the fact that the system does have a star much like our own and is about one fifth of the age of our solar system. What this means is that it is currently undergoing the changes and cataclysmic processes that have defined our planet.

The constellation is called Eradinus and the star which resembles the one around our sun has the name Epsilon Eridani. NASA are currently interested in studying the modifications that this particular star is going to go through especially as it comes with an inner and an outer disk, a gap that appears to have been caused by the other planets in the system.

While all of this does not seem like something we should be extremely excited about, the fact of the matter is that it could tell us a lot about the way in which our own solar system has evolved over time. The ancient past of the Earth and the other planets surrounding it hasn’t been studied enough and our resources for this are limited, at best. Besides, most astronomers are interested in finding out how things are going to develop in the future rather than dwelling on the past.

Granted, this might be a good idea after all, given that even our planet is going through changes that are likely to affect it indefinitely, but maybe grasping the ancient history of the Earth wouldn’t be a bad thing, after all. Furthermore, this new solar system could tell us how life evolved on our planet. There are multiple theories in this sense, but for now, what we know is that our planet is the only one that can sustain life. Wouldn’t you want to know if there are others like us out there? I know I would.

Colonization is something else that has been preoccupying me for a while, and it might be quite likely to occur in the next couple hundreds of years. Unless we man up and learn how to respect our environment, we’ll have to find some other planet to ruin with our awful habits. I know some people don’t like thinking of such scenarios, but in my opinion, they are quite likely especially as humanity doesn’t seem to stop breeding anytime soon.

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